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Description CosmoBally

Meet CosmoBally, the astronaut from Ballyland.
She is suited up inside a space helmet which is shaped like a ball.

The small, flat part is the bottom.
Imprint on the back reads ‘Ballyland’.
Two lines go across her helmet from the back to the front.
Short antenna, pointing up.
Integrated earpiece on left and right side.
On the front is her open visor, revealing her eyes.
CosmoBally has big, oval eyes, with long eyelashes.

Just beneath the visor is her helmet’s microphone, which connects with a cable to the left earpiece.

The tactile learning tool is 3D printed in one colour.
But when on a Space mission, CosmoBally’s suit and helmet combo is white, her earpieces and the lines over her helmet are red, the visor is grey, her microphone and antenna are black, and her eyes are green as grass.

The learning tool doesn’t produce a sound. CB’s signature sound is "C-B" in morse code (depicted as short and long dashes in a circle, representing Sonoplanet in the background of the digital app icon)

CosmoBally uses the antenna, microphone and earphones to keep in touch with her friends in Ballyland over the radio.

"Ballyland, hello? Calling Ballyland?! This is CosmoBally on Sonoplanet!"

Download and start working with the free app now.

How to use

This model of CosmoBally is designed as a tactile learning tool to support learning with the free educational app CosmoBally on Sonoplanet.

CosmoBally plays an essential role in the digital app (for iOS and Android mobile devices). Use the tactile learning tool to explore what CosmoBally looks like, so that you can imagine her as she welcomes you to Sonoplanet or when you help her discovering more clues about this strange planet by interpreting the sonification. This will make learning with the app more engaging. You can put CosmoBally on your desk while you work with the app.

CosmoBally is also the main character in ‘Ballyland CosmoBally in Space’, another educational app by Sonokids, which teaches you interesting things about the planets in our solar system. Read more about the Ballyland apps here.

What to do next

To support future giveaway campaigns like the tactile CosmoBally learning tool, you are encouraged to let the Sonokids team know how much you liked getting CosmoBally.
Respond to the confirmation email you received, and describe or share footage of how you unboxed or are using the 3D printed tactile learning tool of CosmoBally. Your feedback may be published through Sonokids' networks and social media, and will be used to demonstrate to our sponsors how important you feel this opportunity is for your child or student.

CosmoBally short bio

Sonokids® CosmoBally™ was born and raised in Ballyland™. She is an astronaut and flies into space! Her signature sound is "C-B" in morse.

Her friends back in Ballyland are very proud of CosmoBally, or "CB" as they like to call her. All the characters in Ballyland are ball-shaped. They are called Squeaky, Babballoony, Tinkleball, Wheelie, and Ballicopter.

CosmoBally has always worked really hard at school to get where she is now.
The Ballylanders have always supported CosmoBally in her plans for her career.
And they follow her adventures in Space with great interest.
CosmoBally never forgets where she came from. She sends her friends in Ballyland special messages. She tells them about the things she discovers in space that she knows they would really like.
Now she has discovered Sonoplanet, a planet where sonification has turned everything into sound. Of course, she shared a sonified drawing with her friends in Ballyland over the radio.
Open your ears! Enjoy learning with the free app and your tactile learning tool.