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CosmoBally on Sonoplanet was developed with support from South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment (SPEVI Inc) to provide an opportunity for young students, including those who are blind or vision impaired, to explore sonification and to develop the skills to analyse information through sound. By supporting this project SPEVI demonstrates its involvement with a new, cutting-edge technology which is anticipated to have huge accessibility benefits for students who are blind or vision impaired.

Sonokids would like to sincerely thank SPEVI for their support, as well as the students, parents, teachers, and other professionals who were involved with testing or who generously shared their expert advise during the development of the app: Diane Brauner, Ben Clare, Mike Corrigan, Dennis Damsma, Sharon Duncan, Melissa Fanshawe, Sara Gediktas, Frances Gentle, Isabelle Jones, Rob Jones, Michelle Knight, Boguslaw Marek, Bob Scheffer, Alex Tweed Skoumbourdis, Belinda Tyrrell, and Emily White.

Particular thanks go to the following students: Oliver Fanshawe for his patient, valuable testing; and to Morgan Tyrrell, who was involved with the development of this app since its inception and whose expert input inspired us to keep making the app design better and better.

We wish to acknowledge that we took guidance from the user survey of another educational sonification project: 'Audible Universe: Tour of the Solar System' . We kindly thank Dr Chris Harrison of Newcastle University in the UK.

App Design, Copyright and IP: Sonokids Australia.
The term 'emergent sonification literacy' was coined by Sonokids' Phia Damsma (first used in her presentation for the online 2021 SPEVI Conference, January 2021).
App Programming: Sonokids Australia, in collaboration with PeppaCode.
Sonokids highly recommends Craig Cashmore of Peppacode, for his professional expertise, efficient delivery of service, and excellent customer support for this bespoke, accessible app.