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Welcome to Sonoplanet™

... where everything is sonified.

Sonokids offers the Ballyland app CosmoBally on Sonoplanet for free.

Download CosmoBally on Sonoplanet for iOS iPad here
Download CosmoBally on Sonoplanet for Android tablets here.

The app does NOT track or collect ANY user data. Please take a couple of minutes to complete an anonymous survey after working with the app. Your feedback would help to establish if this app achieved its aims and objectives. The project aims to gain insights into the prerequisite skills and learning progressions of students to effectively learn sonification skills, or ‘emergent sonification literacy’ (term coined by Sonokids). We will share and present these insights with the purpose of increasing the number of accessible sonification projects, contributing to enhanced accessibility of information, and improving students' access to STEM. Go to the survey (Google doc).
For questions concerning the app, please contact

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CosmoBally on Sonoplanet, the second 'space' themed app by Sonokids, is designed for use on iPads (iOS) and Android tablets. Lift off to Sonoplanet, where ‘sonification’ has turned all information and data, including images, into sound! This app is action packed, with four audio games offering the opportunity to actively develop an understanding of sonification. Discover what this planet is about: open your ears and listen... Read more about the app.

This app is part of the award-winning Ballyland™ suite of software and game apps. Read more about Ballyland here. Sonokids® CosmoBally™ is the astronaut from Ballyland. She has green eyes and wears a ball-shaped, white space suit and helmet (with antenna and mic). Her signature sound is "C-B" in morse (depicted as short and long dashes in a circle, to represent Sonoplanet in the background of the new app icon). CosmoBally discovered Sonoplanet not too long ago. She also features in the Free Ballyland CosmoBally in Space app (available for iPad and Android tablets).

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