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CosmoBally tactile learning tool

Descripion of CosmoBally for touch readers

CosmoBally is the astronaut from Ballyland, and the main character in the free educational app 'CosmoBally on Sonoplanet'. ‘Getting to know’ the virtual character CosmoBally makes learning with the app more meaningful. You can better imagine CosmoBally when she welcomes you to Sonoplanet, help her discover more clues about this strange planet, and feel more motivated to interpret the sonification of shapes, drawings and locations. To provide students who are blind or have low vision with the same opportunity, Sonokids has designed a 3D printed tactile learning tool so that they can explore through touch what CosmoBally looks like.

mobile tablet with CosmoBally on Sonoplanet app plus the 3D printed learning tool.

Thanks to financial support from Mable Community Grants Sonokids has been able to produce and give away 40 beautiful ready-made 3D-printed copies of this tactile CosmoBally learning tool. They were presented to children who are working with the app, including those living in rural or remote areas.
Please contact Sonokids to check for availability if you would like your student to benefit from working with such a tool.
NOTE: This is NOT a toy; Not suitable for children under the age of three; Appr. size of a tennis ball, 3D printed in one colour. Read the Disclaimer.

The Tactile learning tool of CosmoBally can also be used with Ballyland CosmoBally in Space app (about the planets in the solar system).